The A to Z of Plumbing


Plumbing is a broad term referring to many systems in the household based on Plumbing can be categorized into outdoor and indoor plumbing. These categories separate the plumbing in the house and outside the house. This does not mean that the systems are separate, it is one continuous system only at different parts of the house.

Outdoor plumbing

This happens outside the house. It includes; hoses, outdoor faucets, irrigation systems, swimming pool systems, fishing ponds, water supply, sewer system and the septic tank. All these are vital utilities of any home. It is important to make sure that the outdoor plumbing works properly because most of these outdoor projects use a lot of water. The water supply and the sewer system should be buried deep enough in the ground so that they are not disturbed by daily activities on the yard. The outdoor systems should also be winterized to protect them from harsh winter weather. When installing these systems use standard products that are easy to repair and readily available and also products that fit into common accessories. It is also important to make a map of all the pipes in the yard and where they pass so that it is easy to protect them when working on the lawn. It would also make it easy to identify where they are during repairs. Have valves which can cut off the supply to the outdoor plumbing alone while leaving water in the house still flowing.


Indoor plumbing

This is the plumbing that we interact with daily inside the house. It goes without saying that having a properly working plumbing system is very important. Indoor plumbing includes; water pipes, gas pipes, vents, sewer pipes, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers and the toilet. The pipes running in the house are usually made of copper. This is because it is not reactive with water, doesn’t corrode easily, is affordable and readily available. The indoor plumbing should be neatly packed and positioned in the house to avoid the house becoming messy if any incident should occur. Having the pipes tucked away also helps to keep them safe from easy damage. The faucets, shower heads and sinks should be aesthetically appealing as they are part of the finishing of the house. Indoor plumbing systems should be maintained properly because when they don’t work as required the house becomes inhabitable. The vents should be maintained and checked regularly to ensure they are in top notch conditions.

These two broad categories help us to understand plumbing in depth. A plumber is able to repair any category of plumbing that is spoiled or install the plumbing that you want. You may also consult a plumber on the quality of plumbing products that can buy for you plumbing.


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